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Firriato, Terre Siciliane Zibibbo Jasmin 2017

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Aromatic with floral and sweet spices followed by volcanic and salty minerality on the palate.

Firriato is a big family, but it is also a very harmonious team, composed by high-level skills combined with an attachment to the land. The family Di Gaetano has given its best, gathering, cultivating and involving human profiles that gradually became part of the family. For them it is not just a job, they take care of a dream, they grow an ambition, is they cultivate a goal at the service of his own Earth.

Quality wines produced in unique lands steeped in history. Terroir that offer ideal conditions for the development of precision viticulture, a practice in which the human factor is of great importance, because behind a great wine is a vine, a terroir, but above all a person, with their individual character, sensitivity and a profound awareness. The universe contained within FIRRIATO’s vineyards would have no meaning without the experience and work of the people. Each one is an integral part of a vision, a plan, a way of being that thrives above all on the passion and self-denial of those who work hard every day to bring that plan to life, a plan that you suddenly realise is also yours. It is these men and women who make the difference, who give their hands, hearts and minds to Firriato, in all areas of the company, from the agricultural holdings to the winery. All of them identify in the name of sharing, which at times takes on the deepest meaning of friendship with a common feeling and approach aimed at constant improvement, achieving small new goals and battling together to overcome new challenges. What would Borgo Guarini’s grape-drying garden be like without Mosé, a man who has roamed Europe with an adventurous destiny and arrived at FIRRIATO 10 years ago, fulfilling his dream of getting closer to home – his family live in Tunis. He is the one who turns the Zibibbo grapes as they dry, bunch by bunch, day after day. The grapes he cares for are as precious as gold: they will become l’Ecrù, the expression of a passito wine unique in its elegance, complexity and harmony. Vincenzo, who knows every inch of those vines and recognises the smell of the leaves, distinguishing them vine by vine. He is the one who protects the crops as the bunches of grapes grow and ripen, until they are ready to harvest, safeguarding them from flocks of birds who try to peck at them, attracted by the fruit. His imagination in staying one step ahead, resorting to small dissuasive tactics, is proverbial. Often you can almost see him dancing between the rows to chase away the intruders. That vineyard would not be the same if it were not for Vincenzo’s passion. Lots of small heroes, who together fill the sails of a shared story, a project that thrives on the generous contributions of all. Here are just a few of them.

FOOD PAIRING: sharp cheeses, seafood crudos, or any vegetarian appetizers.

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